FM5280 has been delivering interactive SMOOTH JAZZ  since 2004. Not long after our TEN YEAR anniversary, the LICENSING AGENCIES INCREASED THEIR FEES to a ridiculous level. So, on New Year’s Eve, at MIDNIGHT, 2016, THE MUSIC STOPPED. (Sad face.)

The FM5280 SMOOTH JAZZ FANS are still here!The music may have stopped, but our passion for Smooth Jazz and our SENSE OF FAMILY have not. If you were formerly a member of the original FM5280 site, welcome back! We’ve missed you! Please JOIN US here. Just as before, MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. Once you begin your renewed Membership, you’ll be able to use our SMOOTH SHOUT BOX to discuss Smooth Jazz happenings with other SMOOTH JAZZ ENTHUSIASTS, or to just touch base and see how everyone’s doing.

Also as a MEMBER you’ll be able to see and enter posts on our SMOOTH NEWS PAGE to discuss what our favorite artists are up to!

If you were not a member of the original FM5280 website, you are still welcome to JOIN OUR FAMILY here. You’ll enjoy the FREE MEMBERSHIP benefits!